Home Sick

Being home sick from work is so much different when you a baby:)

Today I finally had to admit that the “throat sickness” I’ve been fighting for nearly two weeks was not, in fact, getting better. 

I was sort of fine as long as I didn’t have to talk. Or swallow.

Hartley loves reading books. Sometimes 5 or 6 back to back. I couldn’t bring myself to turn her away. So I read…in a whisper. By the end she was whispering, too. I wonder if she wondered why that was Mommy’s new thing….sweet girl:)

A shot and a couple of prescriptions later I feel (at least mentally) like I’m going to get better.

And when I do- I won’t take the ability to talk…or swallow..for granted:) 


One thought on “Home Sick

  1. So sorry you are sick. I will say a pray for you to get better soon. I noticed last week you seemed to have a cold. I know it’s old fashion but if you could talk someone in to fixing you some homemade chicken and noodle soup it would get your strength back up quicker and it really does heal you.


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