Women’s Day 

I love a tradition. I spent the morning at the Sanderson Farms Championship Women’s Day. This was my third year getting to emcee the luncheon, and it’s one of my favorite days each year. 

Sanderson Farms started in Laurel. Every year it seems a caravan of people from my hometown come to Jackson. It’s fun too see high school classmates, moms of old friends and especially my dear kindergarten teacher, Kathy Sanderson. It’s possible she taught hundreds of 5 year olds in Laurel. But in my memories she’s always talking, so sweetly, just to me. Don’t all good teachers make you feel that way? 

This year Ali Wentworth, wife of George Stephanopoulos and talented actress and writer in her own right, was the speaker. She is hilarious. Like the friend everyone needs who isn’t afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking. Just walking the line between funny and offensive;) 

The goal of this laughing and lunching is to raise money for Batson Children’s Hospital– more than $1.1 million last year.

It’s an honor to be a tiny part of this incredible week in Jackson. 


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