Pumpkin Patch

I accompanied Hartley on her first field trip today:) Her school went to the Ag Museum for a hayride, cookies, play time and, the grand finale, picking a pumpkin.

I know enough about my child to know she was not going to be interested in slowly strolling around the museum grounds. So I wore my running shoes. Wise choice.

Girlfriend *raced* around the ag museum…spotting chickens, petting the cotton gin, inspecting an ant 🐜, taking off after students from an elementary school…

It was a great chance to meet some of the other moms of kids at her school. But not so much to talk to them:) I think I started two dozen conversations abruptly ended when my 16 month old decided it was time to race off to a new exhibit:)

I love her curiosity, independence and confidence. I love that she surveyed the pumpkin patch quickly, hoisted up her favorite and off we went. On to a new adventure. There’s so much world to explore. 


One thought on “Pumpkin Patch

  1. Margaret and I use to take Leigh & Emily to The A/ G museum when they were Hartley”s age
    I am sure it will prove to be one of Hartley’s favorite outings!


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