Table for Two and a Half

I love eating out. It started when I was a kid.  Dinners at Shoney’s or Western Sizzlin’. As a teenager I’d leave the Laurel High School campus (not exactly legally) for a run to Chik Fil A or McAllister’s. In college, Sundays meant long late brunches at Clydes and J. Paul’s in Georgetown. 

Now—make it Mexican, Hibachi, Burgers and Blues or Babalu, Broadstreet, Bravo or The Manship—I’ve met very few restaurants I didn’t like. 

There’s something exciting about eating around a lot of other people. Choosing anything you want off a menu. And not having to clean up the kitchen:) 

If it didn’t get so expensive and often unhealthy (big portions 😍), I’d like do nothing but eat out.

Hartley, thank goodness, also loves a restaurant. Give her a high chair, some people to watch and, i possible, macaroni and cheese and my girl is good to go. 

Table for two and half, please:)

Hartley and Daddy at Sunday Lunch


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