Hartley’s First Fair

We took Hartley to the fair today. I had visions of the three of us laughing on the carousel, sharing a corn dog, watching as Hartley gingerly petted a goat. 

None of this happened.

It was hot. Hot as ten hells hot. So I felt like we were on borrowed time the moment my fair skinned baby’s stroller touched the pavement:)

We rode the carousel, but I’m pretty sure the operator, bored after a week and a half of this, pressed “warp speed” just to see what would happen.  Baby and I were hanging on for dear life. 

I was a little ride weary after that experience so Matt decided to burn some of our tickets on the Ring of Fire. One of his favorites in his younger days. But this time as a 40 year old lawyer he was acutely aware of the disconcerting sound of a few rickety bolts:)

We were so uncomfortably hot that we skipped the food altogether and made a beeline for the petting zoo…

….where Hartley petted nothing:) The sea of aggressive goats and tiny humans was a lot for my little nugget. And for me:) We gave the animals a quick look and decided to call it a fair. 

Later tonight…we walked over to the Belhaven campus to burn 20 minutes before bedtime. I let her get out of her pink car and just run. On the sidewalk. In the grass. Picking up acorns. Doing the exact opposite of whatever I asked. That was the biggest hit of the day:)

I shouldn’t be surprised at this by now. As a mom, you carefully plan all these elaborate firsts, and it ends up being the spontaneous no-big-deal moments that actually make their day💕


3 thoughts on “Hartley’s First Fair

  1. Thanks for a wonderful day of this team with you and your family. You learn as time goes on they are going to do what they want to do didn’t we. Thanks again


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