First Mama Monday 

Trying something new. Instead of just blogging “when I feel like it”, (which is never based on the last seven months:)) I’m giving myself assignment. Three posts a week…with a different focus each day. 

Why am I “forcing” myself to blog? Because I really do want to have a record of this crazy, busy, beautiful season of my life. 

Like mama always said…you’ll thank me later:)

Monday is Mama Monday.

Here’s what I’ve learned about having a child. Weekends are no longer the time for kicking back, relaxing or, my personal favorite pastime, leisurely shopping. 

Weekends might be busier than work weeks.

From Saturday morning until Sunday night we are going. 

My little bit loves to go. Playing, reading, grocery shopping, dining out (like her mom:)), watching “big girls”, practicing her words (especially hi and bye-bye), pointing out allll the dogs and babies we see and swinging. 

That’s how we ended our wild weekend. In the swing at my parent’s house. 

So that’s how I’ll end this first Mama Monday. 

See you Wednesday when the topic won’t be babies;)


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