Should We Do Facebook? 

Do you think we should do this “Facebook” thing?

I remember that conversation with one of my bosses like it happened yesterday.

 In reality, it happened about 8 years ago, and the social media  world was a very different place. 

We were so hesitant. 

We hadn’t yet decided how or even whether-as a station- we should use Facebook or any other social media platforms that existed (I’m looking at you, MySpace ;)). 

Flashing forward– I laugh at our naïveté about the role social networking would soon play in all of our lives.

“Should we do Facebook” is not the question…it’s how often…AND while you’re at it don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and snapchat for stories (baby pictures:)). 

I’m glad I didn’t grow up with all of these apps at my fingertips, (as are my parents), but as a journalist I’m grateful I don’t have to know work without them. 

For example…

Last night,  Ryan and I went live on Facebook during the 10 pm news.

We do it almost every night, but this time I didn’t take it for granted.

Hundreds of people talked to us throughout the whole show. 

Ten years ago who would have guessed that was possible?

To connect with people-most of whom we’ve never personally met–answer their questions–hear their take on a story–as it airs…

Some of them have even been Facebook live regulars. 

Our own online version of Cheers🙂 

I feel like we are just scratching the surface of all the ways social media can connect us. 

The next big thing is surely just around the corner.  

And this time…I won’t hesitate:)


First Mama Monday 

Trying something new. Instead of just blogging “when I feel like it”, (which is never based on the last seven months:)) I’m giving myself assignment. Three posts a week…with a different focus each day. 

Why am I “forcing” myself to blog? Because I really do want to have a record of this crazy, busy, beautiful season of my life. 

Like mama always said…you’ll thank me later:)

Monday is Mama Monday.

Here’s what I’ve learned about having a child. Weekends are no longer the time for kicking back, relaxing or, my personal favorite pastime, leisurely shopping. 

Weekends might be busier than work weeks.

From Saturday morning until Sunday night we are going. 

My little bit loves to go. Playing, reading, grocery shopping, dining out (like her mom:)), watching “big girls”, practicing her words (especially hi and bye-bye), pointing out allll the dogs and babies we see and swinging. 

That’s how we ended our wild weekend. In the swing at my parent’s house. 

So that’s how I’ll end this first Mama Monday. 

See you Wednesday when the topic won’t be babies;)