Real Talent 

I’m a vocal fan of the Miss America pageant. I talk about it, tweet about’s no secret:) Because of that- I’ve been asked a lot this week what I thought of Miss Colorado’s talent.

I think most people expected me to make fun of her…her scrubs…her stethoscope…or say “It wasn’t a talent.”

But I can’t.

I can’t because I love nurses.

Last September, nurses took my blood every week to see if my fertility medications were working.

A nurse wheeled me, crying, out of the doctor’s office when my first egg retrieval didn’t work.

When the next one did, a nurse called to tell me I was pregnant.

A nurse took my phone call every single time some pregnancysymptom made me nervous.

A nurse stood on her feet with me for more than 12 hours while I delivered my baby. It was well after her “quitting time.” She stayed anyway.

A nurse took my baby from my arms to the NICU when she was four days old.

She made me feel like it was ok to worry. And to cry.

Nurses loved on my baby, put up screens to give me privacy so I could try to breastfeed her and encouraged me to keep trying when it was hard.

Maybe what Miss Colorado did onstage wasn’t a talent. I don’t know. But I do know her profession has been a gift to me this year. And I am forever grateful.


My tiny girl under the Bili light.