Back to Work

If you’re a regular viewer, you’ve noticed we use IPADs for our scripts on 16 WAPT. When I was super pregnant.. and standing up to deliver the news… I often rested that IPAD on my big ole stomach. Very handy….until one day when I felt a little foot kick it back:)

It became sort of a game between Hartley and me. I put the IPAD on my tummy…wait for her inevitable punch or kick…and try not to stumble or stutter through whatever story I was reading at the time.

Today— I’ll go to work and my little kicker won’t be with me. 

The emotions are complicated. I’ve always wanted to be a working mom- have a job that I love *and* a sweet baby to raise. But leaving my girl is just as hard as everyone said it would be. 

I’ve been trying to put it into words, but my mind keeps going back to a column I read years ago–back when I could only dream of having a baby girl. 

It’s from -called Dear Daughter, Here’s Why I Work.

The whole thing is worth reading, but here’s how it ends:

 There are many reasons mommies work—and they might not be what you think they are. These are mine.

I work because I love it.

I work because scratching the itch to create makes me happy, and that happiness bleeds over into every other area, including how patient and engaged and creative a mother I am.

I work because this nice house and those gymnastics lessons and those sneakers you need to have are all made possible by two incomes.

I work because I want you and your brother to be proud of me.

I work because I did this before you were born, and I’ll still want it to be there after you go off to college.

I work because—despite my being the parent who’s almost always the one walking through the door at 6pm, the one who rarely travels for work, the one who’s keeping track of the fact that the permission slip for the field trip is due tomorrow—you’d never ask your father why he works. His love is a given that long hours at work do nothing to diminish.

I work because even at your young age you’ve absorbed the subtle message that women’s work is less important and valuable—and that the moms who really love their kids don’t do it. 

I work because by the time you have your own daughter, I cross my fingers this will not be so.

So, to answer your question: I do love work, but of course I love you and your brother much, much more. If I had to choose, I would choose you guys.

But I’m so happy I don’t have to. And I hope you never do either.

Source:, Sasha Emmons.
So today I’ll go to work. I’ll prop my IPAD on my (slightly) flatter tummy…and no one will kick it back. 

I’ll try not to stutter and stumble through my stories as I think of my precious girl…as I wonder what she’s doing. 

Whatever it is–wherever she is—I hope she always feels my love…

I hope she finds a passion that becomes her career…

And I hope someday her working mom makes her proud:)


Dressing the Bump.

It’s finally happening. With just days before I go back to work, I’m finally moving my maternity gear out of my closet into storage. If I let it stay there I’m going to eat alll the Twix my husband brought home. And then start on the Snickers.

I’m actually sad to say goodbye to my pregnancy wardrobe. Dare I say–I liked it!

Not at first. The first store I visited must think all pregnant women can spend their days in yoga pants and mumus.

I left with a pair of maternity panty hose.

Luckily, friends pointed me to two websites that saved my professional wardrobe during this time of… growth.

The first is Mine For Nine.  It’s like Rent the Runway, but for maternity clothes.

You visit their website to choose the dress, skirt, top, etc…and rent it…usually for a month.

At the end of the month you have the option to buy most items or just mail them back in a pre labeled package.

I kept a pink dress I wore mid-pregnancy for two months. It was great to be able to ship it back when it stopped looking cute:)

The dress I wore to my baby shower started as a rental. It was brand new when I pulled it out of the package, and I immediately decided I wanted to keep it.

One more thing– customer service at Mine for Nine is INCREDIBLE. When I’ve emailed I’ve gotten quick and direct responses from the company’s founder. How often does that happen? Plus you can get discounts for writing reviews of your outfits.

My second go-to for “maternity fashion” is Bump Style Box. This is a Louisiana based store that got into the business of mail order styling for pregnant women. Think Stitch Fix, but less corporate feeling, and just for maternity.

When I signed up my stylist Hannah contacted me to find out what I did for a living, how I was carrying my baby (like a giant beach ball), whether I liked to show off the bump or not, and what colors I would and wouldn’t wear. She sent me a box of clothes with a hand written note explaining why she sent each item and how she thought I could wear them.

Bump Style Box turned me on to Tees by Tina…a non maternity maternity friendly line of colorful, body concious, one size fits all dresses. Seriously– in this rare case– one size does fit all.

To be clear- I’m not paid by these companies. They’ve given me nothing for free. Just passing along what I’ve learned:) Pregnant women have to stick together!

Here’s a look a look back at a few of my favorite preggo outfits:)