The Perfect Day.

I feel her kicking. I clearly see even my “extra loose” maternity dresses stretching, but nothing made this whole “I’m having a baby” thing feel quite as real as this weekend.

This weekend a group of precious friends threw the most perfect shower to help me celebrate Hartley Victoria. (The story of how we chose her name is for a different day:))

Food, flowers, invitations…simply beautiful.

But what I loved more than anything was having so many of my favorite people…many of them who had never met… all in one room.

It was the most special day:)

Here are just a few of the pictures….(thanks to Candace;))



babyshowerwithhostesses babyshowerwithmompic


On Fathers and Flat Tires

When I was in college, I often talked about how much I loved “unexpected” weekends. This usually meant going to a really great party, discovering some new pocket of DC or meeting someone new and interesting.

Well…unexpected weekends aren’t what they used to be:)

Last Friday night- heading home from work- I hit a one of Channel 16 Way’s angriest  potholes….and lost two tires.

My car was kind enough to let me swerve (on my rims) into the nearest gas station to see the damage for myself.

So what’s a 30-something pregnant girl to do…stranded.. near midnight.. at a gas station.. miles from home?

Same thing she’d do at 13.

Call the best fix-it man I know…my dad:)

Dad (with my mom and dog that they were babysitting in tow) rushed to the Raceway where we determined my car would have to sit– sans wheels— until morning.

With the help of the local Walmart- dad replaced my tires early the next day, and I was good to go.

Or was I?….

I planned to roll to Hattiesburg on those new tires. I was coasting along…singing Uptown Funk for about the 5th time it played since Jackson…when what I can only describe as “a toothbrush bobbing in water” warning light showed up on my dash… and my car slowwwed down.

I slid into the Magee Little Caesar’s…and I cried.

(Ask the guy hosing off the pavement if you don’t believe me. He was scared to look.)

Between pregnancy, exhaustion, two busted tires and whatever *this* was…I had had it. 

I had *no* sense of humor when I called my dad this time. I was stuck at Little Caesar’s in Magee. And no, I wasn’t looking for crazy bread.

Dad got off the gym treadmill… flew to Magee… hazards blinking… and rescued his hanging by an emotional thread daughter.

…and then he took me to Hattiesburg while we waited for my car to cool off.

On the way back I was still complaining about my unexpectedly “bad” weekend.

Why me….why now…how much more…etc.  A pretty pathetic pity party, to be honest.

Dad dug around and handed me the “Coffee Talk” he’d picked up at the gym. You know that free flyer? He pointed to quote in the center of the page.


When you’re looking for wisdom in a Chinese proverb on a free flyer– you know you’ve seen better days. 

But the Chinese aren’t wrong. And neither was my dad when he guessed that calling me “his diamond” would make me smile…sarcastically…but still:)

The thing is–when I think about the unexpected events of this weekend…I won’t  remember how much the tires cost or how much I paid for the new water pump (that’s what that toothbrush means..FYI)…and it won’t matter at all that I got to Hattiesburg 30 minutes later than I’d planned.

I’ll remember my dad… the eternal optimist…with his  Coffee Talk wisdom…fixer of flat tires…the man who *always* shows up.

I’ll meet my baby girl in just a few weeks. Maybe I needed this unexpected weekend… to remind me just how much I’ve got to live up to:)