NYC Day 3- Breaking News and Beauty and Essex

We started our day at The American Museum of Natural History. Actually– we tried to go to the museum on Day 2 but when we got off the subway it was complete bedlam! Apparently a sprinkler had gone off in the Asian animals exhibit (or something) causing a fire scare and a full scale evacuation of the building.

Aside: Two days in NYC- two breaking news stories I’ve literally walked into. First the subway fire. Now a museum fire. I was on a journalistic roll. End of aside:)

Fire crisis over- day three we were actually able to explore the museum. I LOVED it. Night at the Museum taught me Teddy Roosevelt was a big part of the place, but I loved seeing how into nature he was. Even stuffing his own owl, kids. The animal exhibits were my favorite.
I even spotted my favorite Christmas animal- the Otter. (Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas anyone?)

Post museum we met up with the mister’s great friend from college, Steve. He lives near NYU. We went on a walking tour of Lower Manhattan- through the Santa-con revelry- winding our way to dinner at Beauty and Essex.

I knew of the place because of Twitter pics posted by Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants. I was thrilled to retrace their footsteps;)

I LOVED the place. It’s got a speakeasy feel- tucked behind a faux pawn shop. Glittery lighting and cute crowds of young professionals wait inside. It’s small plates style dining. Our waiter recommended 6-8 dishes. We got 7. Perfect. My favorite- the Tomato soup and grilled cheese bites. Could have eaten all the bites myself:)

After a long wait for the subway back to our hotel- we turned it in. At 10. Early even for Mississippi. Walking the island was starting to catch up with us:)






NYC Day 2

Our anniversary trip to NYC was jam-packed. So packed that only now- now that we’re home- can I properly recount the last few days.

Day 2 started at The Top of The Rock. Rockefeller Center that is. Despite several trips to New York between us, neither the hubs nor I had ever been.

We bought tickets ahead of time for a 10:30 am trip. That still doesn’t mean you skip all the lines:) We waited in about 4 of them before finally taking the elevator to the top. Totally worth it. Best view in the city the guidebooks and I say:)

Food is not a huge priority for me or Matt. I’m not saying we don’t love to eat it- just that we aren’t the kind of couple who’ll go all over town for the best cheese sticks or something.

I say that to say—we ate– and then walked 5th Avenue. The Saks windows are legendary.

I insisted on a visit to FAO Schwarz before we took the subway to the Lincoln Center area for The Nutcracker.

If you’re in NYC at Christmas I saw it’s a must see. The dancers are obviously amazing- but the scenery brings it to life. When you see the tree grow onstage you’ll understand.

With sugarplums dancing in our heads…we went to bed for day three:)






Happy Fourth!

You can find us in 520...

You can find us in 520…

After two baskets of bread...

After two baskets of bread….. that is.

I’m not sure what the traditional 4th anniversary gift is, but this year we decided it should be a trip to New York:)

Day 1 hasn’t been without kinks, yall.

The pilot said printer problems (seriously?) delayed our flight, but we finally made it to our hotel this afternoon.

And what a hotel it is:) Our too good to be true Internet booking landed us on a floor under a “bit” of construction.

And…then the subway. A fire in a manhole delayed trains keeping us from our original dinner reservation in low, lower Manhattan. The local news called it a “nightmare.” Stuck, we used the Open Table App to quickly book an Italian Plan B…and now I can’t imagine our first night any other way.

The thing is- we’re in New York- on our anniversary- at Christmas time. Even the 24 McDonald’s here is fun:)